Who am I?

There is power in our stories.

My name is Josh Connolly and I am an ambassador for Nacoa . You can find out much more about me at my website.

Today I work primarily as a Life, Leadership and Performance coach and my passion is for working 1-on-1 with people to help them find their greatness and achieve a Freedom from Within.

As well as this, I speak very honestly and openly about my experience as a child of an alcoholic, the traumas I faced and my subsequent battles with my own mental health and my addictions and then my subsequent recovery and healing journey.

Having grown up the child of an alcohol dependant, I suffered first hand from the affects of childhood trauma, later facing my own battle with alcohol and ill mental health. I have now turned my life around and am a helpline councillor at Nacoa and the creator of the online community coaisathing.com. I now speak nationally on the topic of childhood trauma, specifically as a child of an alcohol abuser. I have had the opportunity to speak on a number of different media outlets including BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Sky News and a host of national radio stations, as well as at conferences and gave the lecture at the launch of the first ever manifesto for children of alcoholics and work closely with MP’s at the House of Commons to bring awareness and support to children affected by alcohol.

I can tailor my talks specifically to the needs of an event. From informative mental health & wellbeing events for professionals, children, or anyone interested in the field to motivational speaking to a wider audience of anyone who could use my experience as a positive influence on their life and situation.

You can contact me at coaisathing@gmail.com or josh@joshconnolly.co.uk



Twitter – @coaisathing

I am also on Instagram – @joshconnolly_coa