100 Posts, Coaisathing – How It Was Made

So, less than 2 years after the first post, we have reached 100 posts on coaisathing.com. To celebrate, I thought I would make this post about the journey so far. How did coaisathing come about?  The actual name ‘coaisathing’ was born out of my realisation that not only were the ways I had felt linked…

There Is Hope

This piece was bravely written by Laura. If you feel affected as a COA, then Nacoa are always able to offer help and support, no matter what your age and if you want to share something then get in touch here.   A while ago, after leaving many years before hand, I went back to…

A poem for us. 

Today we have a poetic piece written anonymously. Remember you can find hope and support at Nacoa. If you have something to say as the child of an alcoholic then get in touch. Sometimes the hardest thing to accept is the truth; you feel it in your heart first before it engulfs your whole body….

A Pre-Christmas Rummage. 

Today’s piece is an anonymously written poem. I was looking for presents ahead of time – a crime, sacred secrets! – yet I had to know if there was any sign of hope for me in Mummy’s furnishings that advent time. My doubts were confirmed, and worse. Instead of shiny shapes for me, dull bottles…

A Trio of Poems

Today’s post is a trio of powerful poems sent in anonymously. The first is based on the nursery rhyme ‘Rock-a-bye-baby’, and was written by the author in just 10 minutes while their dad was passed out on the sofa.  The second, ‘Bird Song’ was written by the anonymous author around 2 years ago and is about hope….