Today’s post is a trio of powerful poems sent in anonymously. The first is based on the nursery rhyme ‘Rock-a-bye-baby’, and was written by the author in just 10 minutes while their dad was passed out on the sofa.  The second, ‘Bird Song’ was written by the anonymous author around 2 years ago and is about hope. Lastly the 3rd poem is simplistic and hard-hitting, ‘Mondays child’. Remember you can contact COAisathing if you would like something posted. 



Your house is made of glass,


No cradle or crib shall you have,


No ones coming,


Your parents are drunk again,


Who can you trust ? 


Your house is made of glass,


None of this did you ask,


You don’t belong,


You’ve grown up to fast,


Your house is made of glass

Your parents are drunk


No crib or cradle

But when the wind blows

Your house will shatter


Crying will do no good


None of this did you ask.

Bird Song.

The night is long,

The birds will soon rise and sing their song,

My minds still in overdrive from the night before,

The clock ticks and tocks,

My mind needs to stop this just isn’t fair,

The sun is rising, dawn has broken,

Bird song breaks the silence of the night,

A pleasant interruption from a over-driven mind,

The night was long and so very unkind,

Now here I am exhausted and tired,

The day will be just as long,

I feel like all is lost and gone,

The birds and the song ,

A reminder that all is not gone,

And that a glimmer of hope can be found in the bird’s song.

Monday’s child.


Mondays child was beaten black and blue,

Tuesdays child was locked in a room,

Wednesdays child was called names and shouted at,

Thursdays child went without food,

Fridays child was ignored and alone,

Saturdays child was kicked out of home,

Sundays child was scared for what the following week would hold.