You Are A Resilient Spirit.

In this special post, Shealeigh gives a small introduction to herself and follows this with a hugely courageous video sharing her experiences as the child of an alcoholic. Shealeigh is hugely passionate about using her experience to help others and you can find her raising awareness on her Twitter, Instagram and Youtube pages, all of which can be find with handle @sheathehippie.

As always, if you feel affected by anything you read or view on this page then Nacoa are there to offer you the help and support you deserve and may need.We are not alone. Also, remember that COAisathing is our platform, as people affected by a parents drinking and if you would like to share anything then please get in touch and lets make it happen. As ever, you can do any of this anonymously too.

This is so important to get out, not only for my healing but to connect with any one who has or is currently going through similar experiences. You are so strong. You are not alone. You are a resilient spirit.

In this video, I share the story about my parents who are alcoholics. I talk about how that changed me as a person. I was forced to mature early for my own survival, and for the well being of my parents. The addiction my parents had forced me to suppress my emotions, leaving me confused and unable to communicate how I feel. I honestly believed my feelings didn’t matter. But they do.

I cry a lot, and at first I thought it was embarrassing, showing my face to the world like that. But now, I am happy being so open about it. This is reality. There is no sugar coating the damage alcoholics have on their children and family.

I hope this gives people the courage to come out and talk about their experiences, whether it’s on a platform like this, or with someone you trust, such as a family member, friend, or teacher. You deserve to speak your mind, and never again should we be forced to suppress our emotions, and never again will we be told that we come second.

We are strong. We are survivors. We are not alone.

So if you haven’t yet watched Shealeigh’s video, then click here to watch.

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  1. Al says:

    Thankyou for sharing your experiences Shealeigh. I wish you had been better looked after but I admire you very much for talking time to tell others about your life. 💕 Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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