Todays piece has been written Billie who has an incredible way with words. If you feel like what you read here resonates, then you should check out Billie’s instagram page which is full of much of the same.

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I’m aware of acceptance.
The word feels familiar but the idea of it seems bleakly distant, blurred against other ideas more defined to me. If the blueprint of peace sits within the form and curves of acceptance, I’m compelled to find focus on it.
How unimaginable though; when resentment grants such clarity amidst the blur of acceptance. Plucked from my pain to serve in my defence, providing arms against injustice. It disdainfully lazes in my conscience; a convenient alibi to the burden of growth. Shrewdly blackening the mirror to obscure my reflection.

At what cost does such comfort come? The residue of resentment lies thick on my skin, the ashes of inequity foul and black. I’m worn by its grime and grit, tired of its grip.
Finally, I turn away and sense something ahead of me, its unfamiliarity draws me forward. Its warm glow casts light against the shadows behind me and in a moment, I believe it. The distance shortens and the trail lightens. Resentment flakes from my skin. Slowly and slowly and slowly I embrace the promise of serenity from the beauty of acceptance and I take my first step.

Read more of Billie’s writing on her instagram page @paper.cape

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