Coaisathing Is A Year Old! 

I can’t quite believe this myself, but today celebrates 1 year since the first post went out… it has surprised me that much that I only realised it happened when I received an email from WordPress about renewal of membership! 

It’s kinda surreal looking back now, just how far the blog has come. I could never have imagined just how much it would take off and I’m so grateful for the experience I’ve had with it! 

It essentially started because I had to think outside of the box in ways that I could help my beloved Nacoa. Up until my youngest daughter was born, I had taken the 90 minute round trip to Nacoa at least once a week to volunteer on the helpline, but once my daughter came along it meant my evenings were spent with her. I didn’t want to stop reaching COA’s with the Nacoa message and so I began to think of new ways. 

Initially I started with the YouTube videos on the Nacoa YouTube channel. It’s a great way to share experience and to help reach COA’s who may not have heard similar experiences talked about in an open way. I keep meaning to do more and maybe this year I will get round to doing it! 

I wanted to be able to present just how much being a COA had become integrated into my adult life, to show that it’s not something that one just gets over and so was born. I had to teach myself how to create a decent looking blog and I hope I have succeeded! 

The first post, “A chance to be free” was posted exactly a year ago on this day (Aug 5th)! You will notice the poor editing, but so the journey began. 

I followed with “Nurturing resilience” just a few days later as, in typical COA fashion, I became hooked on blogging. The response took me completely by suprise. The sites hits began increasing quickly and before I knew it people began to comment and like the posts. The thing I kept hearing was how people felt like they had something to say too, like they had always wanted to but never really found a place to… and so came the idea for “Tell your story“…

I was blown away by the response. Immediately there was a cue of people looking to share their story, and the first guest post “Alcoholism Stole My Hero” only served to increase the amount of people that got in touch wanting to share their story. I spent my breaks at work editing posts and and drafting them up to post, responding to emails, and at times struggled to keep up with it all. For a time I was sharing 2 posts a week just to clear the backlog! 

From the time I started the blog until now I have used an old laptop that barely works and takes an age to load to put the final editing touches to each story but it’s all irrelevant because of the raw and honest power in each and every story.. I guess titles like “Dad’s alcoholism killed him and made me hate myself” and “Losing my father for the second time” were relateable enough to have people want to read. 

The stats since launch, to me, have been incredible. I had hoped to reach as many COA’s as possible and I am eternally grateful for what has been achieved by everyone that has been a part of this. has been viewed nearly 50,000 times in over 100 countries since that first post on this day last year. 

It has been an amazing journey that continues to teach and inspire me in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of. This blog site is not my blog site it has become our blog site, going along paths I wouldn’t have thought of! 

Who knows where this blog will be this time next year… I have no idea?! But I am and will continue to be, eternally grateful to everyone that has played a part, from those who have shared, to those who have commented, liked and simply read from a far. You have helped me learn about myself, and what I am. Thank you. 

If you want to be a part of coaisathing’s second year by sharing something, then please get in touch, even if you have before, it would be great to have you again. 🙂 

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  1. Jody Lamb says:

    Congrats. Indeed, you’ve provided a platform that enables people to share their powerful, inspiring stories. It’s cathartic for us all. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. coaisathing says:

      Thank you Jody, you have been an inspiration!!


  2. Amanda says:

    I find the blogs on COAisathing so calming. It’s become my “go to” place when things get too overwhelming. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. coaisathing says:

      Comments like this is what keeps me doing it!


  3. Al says:

    Thankyou for the opportunity to read these stories and to contribute which helps air our own experiences. It is helpful to know we are not alone in coming to terms with the effects of our childhood experiences , on days like this evening when I feel very anxious and low spirited it helps to know there is a reason, and others have probably felt the same.

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  4. A says:

    Sharing my story on here, albeit anonymously, was the start of a wobbly, but I hope ultimately healing journey for me. Being around others, and hearing others stories have helped me begin to stop minimising the effects of parental alcoholism on my development. Thank you Josh, you are doing wonderful work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. coaisathing says:

      Thank you. This is why the blog will continue


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