Why Did You Hurt Me?

Tonights piece is by Kiana James and is a COAisathing first. It is a poem that Kiana has personally recorded. So once you have read the blurb you can click the play button to hear Kiana’s brave poem. Kiana can be found on Facebook at – https://www.facebook.com/kianalee.james and can also be found on Twitter as @kianajameskiana.

If you feel impacted as a child of an alcoholic then Nacoa can offer an amazing first point of contact. If you would like to share as a COA then get in touch. 




Having an alcoholic parent can have such an impact on a child, on what they see, feel, experience and witness, it can have long lasting affects and cost a lot of lost precious memories that can never be replaced again. 

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  1. Lynn Mckenna says:

    Beautiful tears rolling down my face a child just wanting love not abuse xx

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