Fundraising in memory of Sally Snape. 

Nacoa is still a small charity that relies on volunteers and donations alone, and with over 2.6 million children of alcoholics in the uk, Nacoa simply couldn’t cope without the generosity of the volunteers and those willing to go to great lengths to raise money. 

Today’s piece is from someone doing just that! McKenzie Snape has, in her own words, ‘kept it short and sweet’ with this post, but the same absolutely cannot be said about the lengths her and her dad will go to to make a difference for Nacoa and all the COA’s out there! 

As a child of someone who suffered from substance misuse problems, I know how isolating it can be. I often wish that Nacoa had been around when I was younger. They provide an outlet to young people who may feel like they have no one to turn to. Being a child of an alcoholic brings a lot of shame and can be incredibly lonely. This is why I am so passionate about supporting the work that Nacoa does. On the 1st of July, my dad and I will be walking 100km to raise money for Nacoa.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards supporting those affected by a parents substance misuse.

Check out how you might like to do your own fundraising for Nacoa here! 

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  1. Tracey West says:

    Thanks for penning your piece McKenzie – I share your sentiment about wishing NACOA had been around when it was clearly needed by us both. It is, what it is however, and I’m simply grateful it’s there now.

    Wishing you well and hope the fundraising goes well too.

    Tracey x

    NACOA Trustee

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