How Much Alcohol Is Too Much? 

Incase anyone wasn’t aware, Nacoa have an amazing YouTube channel that you should all check out. 

There has been a lot in the media today today about parental alcoholism, which has left me feeling inspired and so I have made another short video called ‘How Much Is Too Much’ so click on the link and check it out! 

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  1. Amanda says:

    All good points made here. It’s how it affects the person more than the amount. One of my siblings used to always be a real stickler for sitting down for dinner at a certain time and literally NOTHING could get in the way of this. Took me ages to realise it wasn’t the food that she couldn’t wait for but the wine she had with it.
    Also it’s good if a child can tell a teacher but we would never of said anything. I think it’s the behaviours as much as the alcohol that determines how much of a problem it is.
    From a health perspective 14 units max per week (7 drinks) is what the guideline for health is/ it’s not a target.☺ So many people are drinking more than this and don’t see that it’s a problem.

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